Who Are We?

Family Life Catholic Gifts is one of many fundraising efforts of Family Life International NZ.

Our apostolate aims to build a culture of life in New Zealand by educating on all the life issues from conception through to natural death, and by walking our talk by providing assistance to all women and girls facing a crisis pregnancy. We do all this while staying completely faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. All the proceeds from our sales go directly to our life-saving pro-life/pro-family work.

As we are made in the image and likeness of God, we seek also to nurture the spiritual side of LIFE by making available to our customers/friends a wide variety of Catholic items – material for Spiritual reading, Bibles, Encyclicals, Rosaries, Crucifixes and specialty gifts for Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.  Just as the body requires nourishment through the normal material means, so similarly it is imperative that the Soul is fed through the teachings of Jesus and His Church.

Who Is the Team?

Brendan Kaufman is the manager of Family Life Catholic Gifts, and he works under the directorship of Colleen Bayer (the Director of Family Life International).

Brendan’s wife Michelle formats the catalogues and advertising materials and is instrumental in the maintenance of our current website.

Brendan and Michelle have seven children, four of whom attend Christ the King Catholic Primary School in Owairaka, Auckland. This is definitely a family apostolate, and all the children help to whatever degree they are able.

Clare McClean, runs the John Paul II Centre for Life in Wellington and there is a small range of our products held there. Clare is kept very busy by those who are in the know, and she works tirelessly spreading the pro-life message in Wellington.

It is Brendan and Michelle’s prayer, and indeed the prayer of all at Family Life International NZ, that many people will grow closer to Our Lord because of items that they purchase from us.